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Implantable Contact lenses (ICL) implantation and Lasik are both different and great procedures in their own right. But the real dilemma is whether both the procedures are suitable for everyone and the answer to that is no!

LASIK is a procedure which is performed on the cornea and it changes the curvature and thickness of cornea, whereas ICL is a special type of lenses which is inserted inside the patient’s eye. It does not alter the shape or thickness of the cornea. These lenses are made of special material and hence stay inside the eye for as many years as needed.

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Implantable Contact Lenses Implantation Cost depends on various things but the average ICL Surgery Cost in Lucknow at Vinayak Eye Hospital for Both Eye is 80,000-1,50,000 INR.


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The artificial lens is made of two major components, plastic and collamer, and resembles the natural human eye lens.

Research has supported the fact that an ICL surgery reduces the chances of wearing glasses or contact lenses by 95%. It improves visual acuity for functional activities.

To avail of the procedure, you can search for an ophthalmology doctor near you or an  ophthalmology hospital near you.

To be a suitable candidate for ICL

  • At least 18 years old
  • Your spectacle number should be stable for about a year
  • You should not have any diseases
  • It can fix severe nearsightedness that can’t be corrected with other surgeries.
  • The lens is less likely to cause dry eyes, which is ideal if your eyes are chronically dry.
  • It’s meant to be permanent but can be removed.
  • The lens provides great night vision.
  • Recovery is usually quick because tissue isn’t removed.
  • People who can’t get laser eye surgery might be good candidates for ICL.

If you are experiencing the eye problems mentioned above, visit an eye doctor near you. Your eye doctor or surgeon will help you decide which is the best treatment option available for you.